Rosen Method Bodywork and Embodied Self-Awareness Consulting
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The Rosen Institute

Founded in 1983, the Rosen Institute protects and sustains the quality and standards of Rosen Method® worldwide.   The Rosen Institute is a vibrant and growing international organization with a Board of Directors from various countries.

Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement professionals practice in more than 14 countries across the globe. The umbrella organization that oversees all this worldwide activity is the Rosen Institute — keeping Rosen Method within the parameters of its basic principles and ethics everywhere it is taught and practiced.

As such, the Rosen Institute defines the scope of practice and sets quality standards for the training of Rosen Method for bodywork practitioners, movement teachers, trainers, and schools and training centers worldwide.

The Rosen Institute website maintains a list of practitioners from different countries, as well as information about Rosen Method training and continuing education worldwide.  

You can also find many resources -- print, audio, and video -- about Rosen Method.