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Rosen Method International Journal


Alan Fogel is Founding Editor, and currently Editor Emeritus, of the Rosen Method International Journal, intended for in-depth articles related to Rosen Method and meant to be inclusive of the worldwide Rosen community and of both Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement. The journal is available only on-line and is free and open access. Each article can be read on-line or can be downloaded and printed. The journal is approved and sponsored by the Rosen Institute, the international organization responsible for Rosen Method professional governance, standards and scope of practice, ethics, training and promotion of the work.

The Rosen Method International Journal publishes articles authored by students, practitioners and teachers of Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement. The intended audience for the journal is anyone who is interested in learning more about Rosen Method, including health care professionals, bodywork practitioners, and the general public. The journal seeks to publish articles substantially about Rosen Method in the form of case reports, historical essays, innovations in teaching and treatment methods, discussions of theory and practice, reviews of scientific findings, original research, and book reviews.

In addition to publications on Rosen Method found in the Journal, the Rosen Institute maintains a library of previously published articles about Rosen Method from other sources, as well as photos, video and audio clips.