Rosen Method Bodywork and Embodied Self-Awareness Consulting
Learn to become more present with your embodied felt experiences

Rosen Method Movement in Salt Lake City


Rosen Method Movement* is recognized internationally as a unique approach to health and wellness that facilitates pleasure and ease in movement, no matter what background people come from. Movements alleviate muscular tension and pain in addition to improving posture, flexibility, coordination and balance.

These seemingly simple movements are unlike other movement classes such as yoga and aerobics. Rosen movement makes vigorous exercise easier. It helps people stay healthy and active as they age and cope effectively with stress.

Rosen Method movements open the chest and free the diaphragm so oxygen can circulate freely to all the tissues of the body. Loosening the muscles as they are moved through their available range of motion increases the production and circulation of synovial fluid in the joints, improving joint mobility and function.

The addition of music and rhythm makes the movements more like dancing, and thus more complex and fun. Partner work is included for participants to experience movement in relationship. Movements across the floor foster spontaneity, creativity and self-expression. Classes end with floor movements to move the spine, feel the breath, and give time for integration and relaxation.

As participants learn new movement patterns, sensitivity is heightened, awareness of self and others expands, and ways of thinking and moving become freer and more creative. Movements that were previously impossible become effortless and pleasurable.

In Rosen Method Movement, people learn to move from the 'inside-out,' gently with awareness to our bodies in motion and the sensations that arise from the coordination of movement of the muscles and joints. It is effective in enhancing well-being, ease of movement, and pain relief. Move, stretch, relax muscles, and wake up the body with gentle guided Movement to Music.

* Many thanks to Teri Katz for contributing to this description of RMM

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Jacqueline Fogel, MA in Art, MS in Counseling, is a Rosen Method Movement Teacher. She is also a certified NIA instructor, licensed massage therapist, and Watsu practitioner.  She has taught Rosen Method Movement in North America, Russia, and Europe.

Jacqueline teaches weekly Rosen Movement classes online via Zoom and in-person in Salt Lake City.

Contact her at or 801-455-6343