Rosen Method Bodywork and Embodied Self-Awareness Consulting
Learn to become more present with your embodied felt experiences

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At the current time, I have no openings in my bodywork or online practices

Check back on this website during the year for any changes.

You can search the directory of Rosen practitioners in your area to see if anyone is working in-person or online. In addition, you can search for people in your area doing embodied therapeutic practices such as body or somatic psychotherapy, emotion-focused psychotherapy, accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy, sensorimotor psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, yoga therapy, authentic movement, embodied coaching, or dance movement psychotherapy.

Regardless of the modality, the most important factor is that you feel comfortable working with a particular person, so I recommend arranging a phone or internet call to see if they are doing work that might be helpful for you.

Use this contact form if you have a general question.

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